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Hi I'm Brenden and I'm going to tell you about summer school. You would think the teachers are mean but they are really nice.  In summer school we learn about new things. In the morning we meet at the cafeteria at 8:30.  We eat and chat and watch TV and at 9:00 we walk to the school.  We have to navigate through the crazy sidewalks of Untied Tribes Technical College to reach the school (Just kidding, it's just two blocks away).  When we reach the school we go straight to the classroom, and we sit down and read our books.  At 9:30 we get our notebooks and write down notes about what we have read.  We go out for recess at 10:00.  Sometimes we watch a movie when we come in from recess.  At 11:15 we head out to recess and at 11:30 go back to the cafeteria where we eat.  Sometimes the TV is on and we can watch TV.  We wait until the teacher tells us we can go dump our trays.  We wait until everybody is done and we go to Boys and Girls club.  In Boys and Girls club we play on the computers and sometimes we go in the game room to play X-box and stuff like that.  On Thursdays we get to go swimming after lunch.  I think everybody should go to summer school because it is fun and you get to do fun stuff. 


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