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                                                       Welcome to first grade! 

Coming to a new classroom or new school for the first time can stir up a few butterflies in children. In order to help kiddos feel safe, secure, and confident in their new environment we go through the expectations on the first day. The first grade rules are simple: 

                                                            Be Safe       Be Kind       Be Responsible

We take the time to practice these rules and help students understand what each one means. They become experts on how to manage their behaviors to feel safe, secure, and confident in school.  

                                Parent Letter - Classroom Behavior


Student Work

First Grade Schedule (2014-15)



       My name is Mrs. Krabbenhoft

     I am the first grade classroom teacher, and I am one of several teachers on the first grade ‘team’ responsible for helping your child reach their learning goals. TJES is an RTI school which means our instructional groups are smaller to better match learning needs. I am lucky to work alongside some WONDERFUL teachers.

     A little about me…I have taught for ‘oodles and oodles’ of years, 20 of which have been at TJES. I love this school! There is something very special about this place. The staff is full of determination and lots of heart! I hope you will learn to love this place too and that your child feels at home each and every day!

     Pictures speak volumes, so here are a few pictures that tell a little more about me.
  family  family  snooze pup  snooze cat friends
              Husband, Son, Pets :)                       My 'kids' and the pets                                           Furry members of the family                                Some of my TJES friends

My name is Ms. Uses Many
My name is _____

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