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My name is Mr. Anderson. 

I have been a member of the TJES community for over ninteen years.                                     



For me the pursuit of truth is paramount.  I use the scientific method to evaluate truth claims and encourage others to explore the beauty of our natural world with an open and questioning mind.   I have found the best answers for many questions are, "I don't know. Let's find out."

Before returning to Bismarck I spent roughly a decade at Tate Topa school located on the Fort Totten Native American Reservation.  During that time through the friendship of several elders and other activities I developed a great appreciation for the cultural values and history of the Native American experience from a perspective of those who lived on the reservation. 

Decades ago during the interview for the job at Tate Topa, a respected elder woman from the school board asked me, " . . . .  How would you treat Native American students."  I answered, "The same as any other student, with respect."  I have found this outlook a positive position to maintain.


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